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MacBook status update

1 minute read

If you recall, back at the start of August I went Mac. I’m here now to tell you how that transition is coming along[*].


less than 1 minute read

I’m incensed!

Moira's Representin'

1 minute read

Picture courtesy of Herr Strobel This evening we all got the pleasure of meeting Shelly, the woman who very generously (and understandably) has moved from B...

I think I over did it

1 minute read

Sundays have become my day to clean up from the week behind and prep for the week ahead. That usually involves doing a lot of cooking so I won’t have to worr...

Camping: Kaspian Campground at Lake Tahoe

5 minute read

Last weekend was a day longer than normal so I could go camping with Eric and Anneke. After an extensive search we located the Kaspian Campground along the n...