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Homemade Crackers are Crazy Easy

2 minute read

Tomorrow I’m joining some friends at an Easter-ish gathering. Aside from my two friends and their dog I’ll know no one there. The invite asked that people br...

Bean Recipe Template

2 minute read

By now any regular reader of FirstStep knows that I like beans. They’re just so darn useful and tasty besides.

Shiny! Coffee! Shiny! Coffee!

1 minute read

Would you LOOK at that thing? Can you even bear gazing upon the beauty of this object? Doesn’t it fill you with awe and an overwhelming lust to own it? It d...

This is my cat. This is my cat on drugs.

1 minute read

When a body gets old things start to break down a bit. It’s no different for cats or for humans. At almost eighteen years old, Moira has had bad arthritis in...

I'm alright with computers again

less than 1 minute read

It took about 1.5 hrs (which included time to cook dinner), but wireless is once again working on the old Toshiba laptop.