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Measure twice, Deliver once

less than 1 minute read

Part of the appeal of this space is that I can have a washer/dryer here. So naturally I ran out and bought some, scheduled to be delivered today.

Wired Science

less than 1 minute read

I felt the need to veg on the couch a little tonight. Normally that would involve watching a DVD. Unfortunately, the DVD player and other stuff from the ente...

Home-cooked dinner

less than 1 minute read

Tonight was the first time in…um…many moons that I was able to cook anything. I’ve been living off of take-out, leftover take-out and boxed frozen food from ...

Quirks of my new flat

less than 1 minute read

I have neither mailbox nor mail slot in the door The bedroom closet has no hanger rail, only some hooks along the wall There is a plug for an electric...


2 minute read

In the process of unpacking I’m finding myself picking up certain items and saying to myself, “WTF? When did I last need/use/touch/think about/lay eyes on th...