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1 minute read

For a change all of the ozone-killing gas in my town isn’t coming from the belching dairy cows (which might outnumber people around here).

Back to the fold

less than 1 minute read

I’m turning into some sort of vaguely human-shaped amorphous blob. I haven’t worked out since before I broke up with my gym two weeks ago. My self identity a...

Update on the New Year's Resolution

1 minute read

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my loyal readers about the progress on my New Year’s Resolution. Lest you think I’ve been failing in my promise…

"Potsticker" Experiment

1 minute read

Today I finished off a culinary experiment started earlier this week during my mini-vacation. Pictured here you see potstickers. Sort of.


4 minute read

Talk to me for more than a few minutes (or just glance at this blog) and you’ll find out that I know and enjoy food.