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Little bits of happy

less than 1 minute read

Those little birds that hang around cafes looking for crumbs Being warmed by the sun Puppy ears Sunlight through the trees Sleep

Munch munch

less than 1 minute read

The almost weekly mead update.

Yay, beans!

less than 1 minute read

Whenever someone takes a trip out of the country and asks whether they can bring me anything, my usual answer of late is, “Beans.”

That’s what blind faith will get you

1 minute read

One of this weekend’s other culinary projects was to make bread according to the recipe and method given by Alton Brown in his episode “Dr. Strangeloaf.”

Back to the ol’ grind

4 minute read

Many moons ago my parents gave me a food grinder attachment for my Kitchen-Aid mixer. It’s sat in my cupboard, doing little aside from taking up space. Unt...