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by VM Brasseur on July 16th, 2006

Yesterday morning I hopped a bus and went to San Rafael to pick up my brand spankin’ new 2006 Mazda3 hatchback S Touring Edition. In Velocity Red. With an emphasis on the Velocity. And on the Red.

It sparkles. It shines. It goes far faster than it ought to. The picture above was taken by Marc when I came to show off my new toy. It’s not my best photo ever, but look at that car! It’s so cute it almost breaks my heart.

Since I know Guy will ask, the first song played in the new car was “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, the fantastic long version off of his “Secret World Live” album. Not “Harvey the Wonder Hamster.” Sorry. The second song was “Niner Two” by Don Ellis from “Live From Montreux”. [ed. note: this song + this car + I-5 would be a very bad combination.] The first entire album was Patty Griffin’s “A Kiss In Time.” It probably should have been something by Eddie From Ohio, but I was kinda rushed when I was grabbing discs.

I’m still very sad that my old car had its life prematurely ended, but being able to replace it with this hot little number really helps cushion the blow.

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  1. Father B permalink

    We fully approve.

  2. That car is awfully cute. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship for you two.

  3. Thank ya’ll. It’s only been a weekend, but it’s looking like the car and I will be very happy together, hopefully for a very long time.

    And Kristin, long time no see. Good to have you around!

  4. sara permalink

    Yay! Shiny red car!

  5. Yay! Princess Zoomula has a cousin! What is your new friend’s name? We remain very happy with ours, almost 2 years later. But, the Princess is no longer quite as shiny and perfect as she once was. Also, I’m curious if you went with red (over blue) because you changed your mind or because of what was available. Either way, very cute!

  6. The car, she as of yet has no name. Red wasn’t chosen so much as imposed, but I’m not complaining. I was lucky to get my hands on one at all, so as long as it wasn’t black, white or light silver I was pleased.

  7. That’s a fine-looking car you’ve got there, V! I dig it.

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