Originally posted on 17 Feb 2024

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I’ve read the original edition of this book a few times already, but it’s been several years since I did so. Certainly the last time was before Allen released a new edition. I’ve just finished revisiting and revising my personal productivity workflow, so I was inspired to check out the new version.

Having read most of the book before, I skimmed a lot. Still, it was helpful for me to re-read how beneficial it can be to have a system that you can trust. That was something I’d let slip in the past year, causing me to revisit my workflow recently.

If you’ve not read any edition of this book before, I highly recommend it. You don’t need to follow Allen’s GTD method religiously to get a lot of benefit out of it. For instance, I’ll be damned if I’m writing all this stuff on paper, but tracking it in Apple Reminders? Yeah, that’ll do nicely. Take from the book what you need at that time, revisit it later when you’re ready.