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Book Review: Kinning by Nisi Shawl

The story felt disjointed. Confused. Too many characters and voices and locations, all constantly and sometimes abruptly shifting.

Book Review: Swindled by Bee Wilson

‘The story of adulteration has been a story of the repeated failure of modern politics to value consumer interests above those of the market.’

2023 Reading Summary

I read (or at least started and then set aside) 43 books in 2023.

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A weighty tome

A recent acquisition got me wondering, ‘Of all the books that I own, which one is the heaviest?’

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How to make yogurt

There’s not much to making yogurt and it’s easy to do in any home with little to no special equipment.

How does this work, again?

The decline of this blog directly tracks the increase of my Twitter usage. Now that the Man-Child King has put that into a nose dive, I have to keep remindin...

Preserved lemons

A friend asked for the preserved lemon recipe I use, so I figured it’s as good a reason as any to finish fixing up this site. Gotta put the recipe somewhere,...

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