Originally posted on 26 Sep 2023

less than 1 minute read

Dare I try another Tchaikovsky book after my poor experience with Spiderlight? I guess the answer is ‘yes’, since I picked up this one on sale recently. Elder Race was good, after all.

I’d place this book (novella, really) in between those two. I didn’t dislike it like Spiderlight, but I didn’t love it like Elder Race. It’s another story of a (in this case, literal) group of outsiders and how they react to their situation. Like the other two books, the characters aren’t especially likeable but at least in this case I actually still cared about the main one enough to continue reading.

Overall it was fine, but with a win, a loss, and a meh, I’m not feeling a strong desire to pick up another Tchaikovsky book for a while.