Originally posted on 10 Nov 2023

1 minute read

After several weeks reading nothing but short stories (since I had such a backlog to get through), it was a relief to pick up an actual book. And it’s a Jemisin work! She builds the most fascinating and engaging worlds.

I’m not sure how I missed that Jemisin had released new books recently. I learned about it by excitedly finding The World We Make at my local library, only to find once I got it home that it’s the sequel to The City We Became. Which my library didn’t have. Mixed blessings there: yes, I now had not one but two new Jemisin books to read, but I had to wait for this first one to arrive from a neighbouring library.

As soon as I opened this one, it was familiar. That’s because the prologue is a slightly reworked version of her previously released novella The City Born Great, which I’d already read. This means it was a lot easier for me to slide into the rest of the narrative, not that it’s ever a difficult thing to do for her books.

The entire book (and likely the series) is a paean to New York City, warts and all. Jemisin’s infused every page with her love for her home, and it’s endearing to read. Would that we all cared so much about where we live.

The story itself, as to be expected from this author, is refreshingly original and tightly written. The characters are well developed and their relationships to each other and to their city aren’t superficial.

Obviously, I enjoyed it, but also I expected to. So far Jemisin has never failed to create a book I don’t want to put down. I look forward to her maintaining that streak for many, many more books to come.