Originally posted on 01 Apr 2024

less than 1 minute read

After seeing this title pop up on a bunch of best-of lists for 2023, I sought it out at my library.

I didn’t know much about it aside from that a lot of people liked it and it’s SFF. Turns out, it’s a mystery story set on a space ship. I’m not much for mysteries, but continued on anyway.

I’m glad I did, because I ended up enjoying the book. It wouldn’t have been on a best-of list for me (because, again, I don’t favour mysteries so much), but it was a well-written and engaging story. It covers a lot of emotional ground, both individual and cultural, which is a credit to Kitasei’s writing ability, even more so for it being her first novel.

It looks like her second novel comes out later this year, and it includes space archaeology! I’ll definitely check it out when my library gets it in.