Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 14 Sep 2005

*groan* OK, alright, I’m getting up already. 5:45am? Man, this sucks. OK, I’m moving. I can do this. Got a schedule to keep. Moving. Shower. Must shower.

Ahhhh…shower good. Nice shower. Waaaarrrrm shower. Dry dry dry. Brush brush brush. Vitamins? Got ’em. Time? YIKES! 6:15!

Must go! Must move! Schedule! Time! Outta my way, cat. Always under foot, always in the way. Shush, no, I can’t pet you now. You’re not shushing. Must move! Schedule! Time!

Bag? Check. Purse? Check. Phone? Check. Breakfast? Check. Bike? Check. Go go go. Must get out out out.

Hurrah! I’m on time! Now to wait. Stay, bike. I’m waiting, you’re staying, we’re waiting. Good bike. We’re good. We’re waiting. A lot. Is it always this late? Where are the other people? Ah, there’s a people. And another people. OK, we’re OK. Good bike. We wait. Which lights are the ones we want? Those lights! It’s coming! No more waiting! Here we go!

Oh. Drat. All bike spots taken. No bike? Can’t leave bike. No bike, no bus. Go home. Grumble. Pout. Cranky. No bus. Running late. Sit in traffic. Grumble. Cranky. Stupid bus. Bah.