Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 26 Nov 2005

After finishing Hannah’s Blanket I still had a lot of yellow and green yarn lying about. Also, for a change I wanted to work on a project which could be finished in fairly short order rather than being dragged out for months upon months.

Flipping through a book of crochet stitches I came across the Catherine Wheel stitch. It’s listed as “experienced” level but was interesting and seemed as though it would work well with the colors and yarn I had on hand. Turns out the reason it’s listed as “experienced” is not that it’s a difficult stitch but because the authors of the book were incapable of giving good directions for it. It took many attempts at parsing their directions before I finally figured out what it was they meant and was able to make the wheel correctly. A note to the editors of crochet books: paper and ink are not so expensive anymore that you must abbreviate and obfuscate everything. Just spell it out for goodness sake.

Here’s a closeup of the finished product. It turned out better than expected. The green border was a last minute addition, as the rounded pattern left the edges somewhat ragged and uneven otherwise. Plus the border helped use up even more green yarn. That’s what it’s all about, really: using up the extra yarn.

Because the yarn is cotton the scarf itself is a bit stiff and dense. Hopefully this will translate to wind-blocking, something which will come in very handy around here considering the ocean-fed winds we get.