Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 03 Jan 2006

During my browsing of crochet literature I’ve seen a number of people mention crocheting with wire. To over-simplify the point, it is essentially just like regular crochet but with thin metal wire rather than with yarn or string. Out of curiosity I decided to try it out so I went to my local bead store and picked up supplies.

This necklace is my first real attempt at wire crochet. I’d made a test piece before this but it doesn’t really count.

The wire is silver-toned 28 guage and treated (read: no green neck) but the spool does not specify the type of metal. The beads are violet Czechoslovakian seed beads with silver-colored center holes. Here’s a closer look at it:

Thanks to the poor lighting conditions you can’t really make out the colors. Sorry about that.

Unlike most necklaces this one isn’t very flexible. Sure, you can bend it and all. But being wire the piece will retain that shape so it’s best to be gentle with it.

I’m not sure of the purpose to which I’ll put this necklace. Maybe I’ll keep it. Maybe I’ll give it away to some deserving soul. My goal with it was to see whether I could make it at all.