Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 04 May 2006

May the Fourth be with you! Grab your lightsaber and take to the streets today, folks. Or at least pop in a copy of one of the original trilogy (the only ones worth watching) and geek out with someone you love.

And, in honor of the day, it was just announced that the first trilogy will finally be released on DVD. Yes, this is an historic announcement, but it’s made even more momentous by the revelation that the DVDs will contain not only the tragically craptacular hyper-remixed re-release versions of the movies but also the original versions. Untouched-up and without all of that unnecessary CGI crap added in there. Hurrah! It’s about time Lucas did something right. George, if you’re listening, I applaud you.

Anyway, ya’ll get out there and get your geek on today.