Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 12 Jun 2006

Years ago, thanks to the wonders of DCI I learned about the music of Don Ellis. I bought as many of his albums as I could afford, all on vinyl as they weren’t available in any other format.

The stylus on my phonograph (yes, I own one; by choice, even) is no good right now so I haven’t been able to listen to any of my albums for a few years, including all of my Don Ellis. Consequently, I forgot all about it until I heard a track (“Niner Two”) on a Live365 station. I just about blew my headphones and no work was accomplished for eleven minutes and fifty-nine seconds.

Now, while I was otherwise distracted, a lot of his stuff has finally been released on CD. Thank God! Budgets being what they are, I’ve only ordered one album (so far). And today, mere minutes ago, Live at Montreux arrived.

This is a truly happy day. My head might just explode from musically-induced joy. Hurrah!