Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 08 Sep 2006

The process of re-ripping my entire CD collection has begun. This is going to take…um…a while. A long long while. A long long long long… OK, you get the idea: I have a lot of CDs.

Despite the fact that I already own more CDs than any single person probably ought, while tediously swapping out discs I’ve found myself longing for more.

Not just more CDs (though that’s inevitable for me). More variety. More experience with some artists I already know. For instance, I have a single B52’s album,

Cosmic Thing. You know, the same one that everyone my age has since it was such a huge hit. And, sure, it’s a decent enough album. A bit fluffy, but OK. Rumor has it that their older stuff is really great. Quirky. Do I have any proof of this? Nope, since I only own the one album and haven’t had the chance to hear any others.

And how about David Bowie? I know all of his radio stuff, but I suspect that I might enjoy some of his older albums. Or maybe not. How am I to know if I’ve never tried it?

Guitar gods. 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Aught’s. Blues, jazz, rock. Well-known or just those understated and under-marketed guys to whom all the big names turn when they need someone solid. They’re out there, I just don’t really have any of their stuff. Bet it’s really good. Bet it’s the sort of stuff I really shouldn’t listen to while driving an empty stretch of I-5 in my “ticket me” red car.

Acid jazz. Funk. Opera. Early 20th Century Russian composers. These are things with which I have some familiarity but need more. Not want. Need.

These are just the ones which immediately occurred to me during the ripping process so far. There are probably thousands and thousands of great albums that I really ought to hear and/or own someday. Which pretty much guarantees the truth of the statement “Never a dull moment.” And that’s a great thought.