Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 02 Oct 2006

Guy has the uncanny ability to get me to emit a “WTF?” more or less on demand. It’s almost frightening sometimes. All he has to do is send me some new “wow! gee! try this!” music and then let the head scratching begin.

Where in the hell does he find this stuff? I mean, Antedeluvian Rocking Horse? The Bran Flakes?

Sometimes listening to these things is a lot like being hooked up to some arcane lab equipment and then having the scientist in charge race out of the room to dive into his lead-shielded bunker before hitting the big red button. (note: the two mentioned above don’t qualify for this description) __ Or like something which is banned by the Geneva convention but approved by Congress for use on nefarious ne’er do wells of Middle Eastern persuasion. _</political commentary>_ OK, maybe it’s not quite that bad and I’m just being unnecessarily hyperbolic.

Regardless, no one I know has a more finely honed sense for locating…um…unique artists. It’s an impressive power, one which we all hope he only ever uses for good.