Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 02 Nov 2006

It seems we lost power here last night. I of course learned this the hard way by oversleeping by an hour and then getting caught in the standard “holy crap how in the hell do I drive” traffic which kicks in the first time it rains during a Northern California winter.

It wasn’t until I (finally) reached the office and tried hitting my home server that I remembered that—lacking a UPS—the server goes down hard during a power outage, then stays there until there can be some manual intervention.

So FirstStep took the day off until I could get home and hit that power button (and fsck. and manually restart MySQL.).

Eh, these things happen. Or at least they do until I can get off my duff and buy a big honkin’ UPS. Maybe I’ll do that after I finally get around to getting a backup system in place.

No, I apparently don’t learn my lesson after technological tragedy strikes. Why do you ask?