Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 09 Nov 2006

A year or so ago someone sent me a couple mp3s by someone named Jonathan Coulton. I liked ’em. They were clever and surprisingly musical for someone who writes and sings comic songs. Then I got distracted and forgot about him and his work.

A few months I saw the name again somewhere on the web (most likely BoingBoing). “Gee, that sounds familiar…” So I went in search of this mystery name. The search didn’t take very long as the very first Google hit takes you to

Jonathan is a special sort of artist. Not only is he incredibly clever, he also has the good sense to release his music under the

Creative Commons license. What’s that mean? Well, if you click the link you’ll find out, or you can just take my word that it’s a very good idea indeed.

So, yeah, he’s got that whole artistically responsible thing going for him. But aside from that this boy is bloody hilarious. Thus far I have to say my favorite track is Skullcrusher Mountain. Isn’t it enough that I killed a pony making something for you?

Head on over to his website and check out his songs. If you like them, please contribute to the man.