Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 15 Nov 2006

OK, so I’m pretty sure that most of the FirstStep audience is aware of this fact by now but I’m just bubbling over with glee over it so I can’t help but spout.

Today Guy and Megan arrive in the Bay Area. Their reason for visiting (aside from the Pink Martini concert we’re attending tonight at The Warfield Theatre) is to locate housing in lovely sunny Palo Alto, California!

Yes, that’s right. The Albertellis are moving to my neck of the woods Real Soon Now. And I couldn’t be more bloody thrilled, I tell you. I’m beside myself with joy I’m downright ecstatic. I am, dare I say it, almost perky. Almost. Let’s not go crazy here…

After having so many of my close peeps leave the area lately (Eslinger/Jacobs, Gillespie, Capua, Espinosa), it’s nice to see the tide turning and having good people setting down new roots here.

The actual date for the move isn’t until January. If you think I’m happy now just wait until that time. I’m going to be completely unbearable. 😀