Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 21 Nov 2006

Bare walls no more! I shall cover them with art and then I shall sell it and make my fortune off the backs of the exploited artists!

Perhaps some explanation is in order…

Sylvia Albertelli, sister of Guy and sister-in-law of Megan, is an established artist who is looking to gain more exposure. Well, perhaps exposure isn’t the right word for it. Sylvia is looking for the displays of her work to be more geographically diverse. This is where I enter the picture (or, more specifically, the picture comes to me).

My apartment shall soon become a gallery displaying some of Sylvia’s pieces. What will they look like? I have no idea. All I know is that Syl will be able to say honestly that she’s in galleries in multiple states and that I will no longer have bare patches on my living room walls. According to Guy, in the art world just hanging the stuff up qualifies my living room as a gallery. Who am I to argue?

Naturally, the art will be for sale. Dinner parties will be had, people will be invited, art will be perused and perhaps purchased, pursuant to the pleasures of the people involved. Sorry…went a bit overly alliterative there. At least I avoided assonance. Er…

Anyway, thus begins my career as an art mogul. I’ll post pics here once the pieces arrive and are displayed (as long as I have the permission of the artist to do so).