Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 10 Dec 2006


  1. Consumed mass quantities of cassoulet (beans!) and would have eaten more if given the chance. OK, maybe not an accomplishment per se, but whatever. It was still a culinary high point for me.
  2. Whipped up a simple salad of scarlet runner beans purchased online from Phipps Country Store and Farm.
  3. Made skordalia for the first time. And not for the last, as this stuff rocks my garlic-loving world.
  4. Tossed together a soup made of some random unnamed winter squash, bacon and beet greens. It’s tasty, which is good as I’m going to be eating it all week regardless.

The bomb:

  1. When making Cranberry, Orange & Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies (or any other cookie, for that matter), don’t walk away from the standing mixer to check on your code compile, not even for a moment. The dough got over-mixed, activating the gluten After baking the cookies look like biscuits…and I don’t mean that in the British sense. The flavor is OK but the consistency suffered. Oh, well. The voracious wolves at my office probably won’t mind. 🙂