Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 05 Jan 2007

[ Text for this post provided by Guy and lifted with his permission ]

You’ve all wondered if it would happen.

You’ve all asked when it will happen.

Well it is going to happen.

Thur. Feb. 1st at 10am in 2901 Learning Resource Center, University of Michigan

Megan will be defending her dissertation to a group of angry Lions!

Er.. I mean people.

And they won’t be angry…


Come watch the spectacle as she dazzles you with the wonders of
humanizing the mouse androgen receptor and examines the influence on
prostate cancer.

You will be Shocked!

You will be Amazed!

You will be Astonished!

You will get Cookies! (And maybe some coffee we’ll see. (But no beer. (Sorry)))

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime event to be the last person to call her a student!

(Additionally there will be a party at the Albertelli house at 5 pm afterwards.)
(There will be beer.)
(And much celebration.)

(This message has been approved by Dr. Megan Albertelli(TM))