Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 11 Jan 2007

So, for those who don’t know, I work for an email direct marketing company. Please note, this is not spam. Saying it is is a good way to piss me off.

Anyway, so, I work for this place that sends a LOT of email. When I say a LOT I really mean it. If I get less than three hundred messages a day (including spam) then there’s something SERIOUSLY WRONG.

That is, until today.

Today we rolled out a new world order as far as email is concerned at our company. Previously just about everyone saw every message which came in to every non-personal email address. Clients, system messages, etc. I saw it all. After the first couple of weeks (and a lot of time spent with my .procmailrc file) I figured out how to manage it. A thousand new messages? No sweat.

But now people only receive emails which pertain to them or their department.

Whoa. Wild.

Since that transition happened around 3pm PDT my email has been eerily silent. It’s downright bizarre. I keep returning to my email client, scanning through all the folders, hoping that there’ll be something there. After over a year and a half of expecting a constant deluge of email and having internalized that “no email == bad mojo” I’m starting to freak out a bit here. It’s hard resisting the urge to rush to the servers to make sure everything is working correctly.

There’s no email coming in.

It’s only been about 2.5 hours and I think I’m getting the shakes.

Is there a twelve-step program for this sort of thing? Because I might need to enroll.