Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 21 Apr 2007

After over a year, finally, we have closet liberation! Hip Hip Hooray!

That’s right, today is the day when the mead is finally bottled. The carboy generated twenty 750ml bottles (which have to be stowed somewhere and that somwhere is probably the closet but let’s not dwell upon that now). The mead is sweeter than expected but still pretty darn tasty, IMO.

Regardless, it means that spot in my closet which for the past fourteen months has been used by a carboy of mead is now available for use by the five gallons of stout which I brewed up today. Sure, it sounds like a lateral move to you but to me it sounds like freedom. A small bit of freedom, but every bit counts now, doesn’t it?

More on the state of the stout as information is available.