Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 02 May 2007

I’ve been asked to attend a cheese show! For home cheese makers! And I don’t even make cheese!

This is a result of the cheesemaking class that I attended back in March. The photos I took{.broken_link} went over very well with the course faculty and one of them has asked me to help her at a cheesemaking show next week.

Assuming the timing works out (it’s on a school night) I’ll certainly be jumping on this opportunity but I admit to being intimidated. Like I said earlier, I don’t make cheese (though I would if I could). I’ve only taken one three hour course in basic cheesemaking. I don’t know a lot about it. And I’m going to be sitting in a room full of people who are experts. What if someone asks me what culture is best for a certain kind of cheese or for my opinion on the sorry state of pasteurization today? I have to prepare myself to be OK with looking like the newbie I am, making sure to leave my ego at home.

Hee hee… Cheese… I’m totally stoked.