Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 25 May 2007

Yes! V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!

I’ve decided to just up and fly away for a while. Granted it ain’t happening until August but it’s happening, dammit, and that’s what matters.

After a quick net search I found a $225 roundtrip fare from Oakland to DC. $225? I’d be mad to pass on a price like that, and I’m not mad…yet.

Why DC?

  • I’ve never been there, so it’s overdue for a visit by me.
  • My friend Tom, whom I’ve known since 1990, longer than anyone else who isn’t family, is out there in Quantico, VA and said I can stay with him.
  • There may be another couple of friends in Maryland.
  • All the museums are free and kick ass.
  • They have great food.
  • I really need a break and a week completely removed from my world would be a good thing.
  • Why not DC?

I’m really excited. I’ve never just taken off to a destination without having some ulterior motive, like a conference or helping people move across country. It’s an entire week of being a dreadfully parasitic tourist and I can hardly wait!

Tom, BTW, is great. Out of the blue he gets a call from me. He listens for a couple of seconds and immediately says, “You’re always welcome anytime. Come on over.” But first he had to tell me that I’d caught him sitting in the sun at a cafe, watching all the Marines walk by and noticing how good they look in their khakis. Yeah, this is gonna be a good week. 🙂

For those not catching the reference in the title, have a gander at icanhascheezburger.