Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 16 Jun 2007

For those who follow such things, I’ve started contributing to a new blog. This Unit is Field Serviceable is a blog devoted to hiking, backpacking, camping and all the related gear, food and events which come with these things.

The name hearkens to the manual for the Sweetwater{.broken_link} filtration system from MSR. In said documentation the (very reliable and effective) piece of gear is highly touted as being “Field Serviceable.” Eric had purchased one of these before our last backpacking trip and he had a brilliant time with it, never missing an opportunity to point out to us (all women) that his unit was field serviceable. This, to the best of my knowledge, was not put to the test on that trip. 🙂

Anyway, wander on over to This Unit is Field Serviceable and have a gander. If nothing else you’ll get the chance to see people saying goofy things about topics for which you have no care. That in and of itself can be entertaining.