Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 04 Jul 2007

A month or so ago I was looking at the work calendar. “July 2-4: Vicky on PTO.” PTO? I took days off? When did that happen? Man, I’m a frickin’ genius!

So, sure, I worked most of the weekend but after that the following three days have been MINE ALL MINE. Though email has been checked I’ve thought about work hardly at all. I like my job, but it’s still been quite lovely to unplug for a bit.

How’ve I spent my time? Well, the aforementioned server upgrade never happened, alas. Many an hour was spent at the keyboard but they were all devoted towards getting a couple hundred more albums of music cataloged (jazz almost done! yay!).

Aside from that, my hours have been whittled away by cooking and cleaning and going for long walks. Oh, and sleeping in. I think I’ve slept about ten hours a night for the past few days, even including the Moira wakeup call which happens every morning.

Today I celebrated our nation’s independence by going geocaching and picnicking in Samuel P. Taylor State Park with the Albertellis. Of the six caches we attempted five were located, so I’d call that a successful outing. Successful, but very very warm. The sun was pretty brutal today, even over on the coast. After leaving the park we headed to Marin Brewing Company for cooling brews and tasty veggie pizzas.

Thanks to all the walks and hikes of the past few days, to dub my complexion anything less than “deep copper” would be an understatement. Let’s just say I have a very healthy production of Vitamin D going right now. I’m in the unfortunate position of looking good with a tan. Let’s hope that 25% Italian in my blood helps ward off melanoma the way it keeps sunburns to a minimum…

It’s been a very restful few days. A few more would be welcome but they’re not in the cards. My two day work week starts tomorrow. Two days within which to do five days’ worth of work. Ah, well. Never a dull moment, I suppose.

Hope all had a very enjoyable 4th of July and that no one blew themselves (or others) up.