Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 07 Jul 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my loyal readers about the progress on my New Year’s Resolution. Lest you think I’ve been failing in my promise…

April’s show was

The Red Elvises and is the last about which I’ve posted. The resolution was to take in at least one a month and I’ve been sticking to that.

May’s show was atypical. Rather than being musical it was a “concert” by comedian Steven Wright at the Warfield. I’d seen him many years before and really enjoyed this show. This time? Not so much. It’s not like the show was bad; it just didn’t have the same impact on me this time around even though very few of the jokes were recycled from what I’d previously heard. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the correct frame of mind for a comedy show.

June had me attending the Russian River Blues Festival{.broken_link}, accompanied by the Incomparable Jen Gomez. An entire day spent sitting in the sun on the shore of a river and listening to kick ass blues? Man, sign me up. We saw the Sunday line-up, which featured one great artist after another. The icing on the cake was Buddy Guy. Had there been doors on this venue he’d have blown them all off. His set was just incredible. Sure, the other acts were really good and all but even combined they didn’t hold a candle to Buddy. He’s the real deal and it shows. An abundance of photos were taken this day but I’ve yet to get off my duff and post them.

July? No tickets have yet been purchased for July but it’s my intention to see Patty Griffin at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa. Yes, I realize that I’ve already seen Patty Griffin this year. I don’t care. I enjoy her work a great deal and will gladly reduce my show-seeing diversity to see her again.

The lineup for August so far is Brave Combo{.broken_link} with the Albertellis and Avenue Q with the aforementioned J Go.

September and beyond? That’s anyone’s guess. Regardless, so far I’m well on track towards fulfilling my resolution. I wish all obligations in life were this enjoyable.