Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 02 Aug 2007

A few months ago I almost lost my cellphone. That was a bit of a reality check as it dawned on me that the only phone number I remember anymore is my own. I don’t even know the office number. Whenever I need it I have to look either at my business card or at my signature in an email.

Today my new Moleskine address book arrived. That’s right, baby: I’m going analog. No more will I need to worry about lost phones or crashed harddrives. No, now all I’ll need to be worried about is misplacing this cute little black book. However, as I’m not prone to losing things I’m not wasting too many cycles with that minor concern.

I have the snailmail addresses and phone numbers for most of the regular FirstStep readers, but I’m looking to have a complete set. So make with the emails, folks. Let me know where you live and all that good stuff so I can add it to my collection.

For those few who don’t know my email address, how about you try my last name at gmail dot com? Not my favored email, but it gets the job done.