Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 16 Aug 2007

I only have one memory card for my camera. When it filled up during my trip I dumped the files from the card onto Tom’s laptop then transferred them to my home server here for safekeeping. Then, because I’m a good guest who cleans up after herself, I deleted them from Tom’s machine. And since the purpose of the dump in the first place was to free up space on the card, I deleted them from there as well. 182 photos cleaned up.

Unfortunately, also 182 photos completely hosed during file transfer. The going theory is that they were transferred as ASCII files rather than binary. Bloody Windows software. Doesn’t matter. My photos are hosed. My pics of the Fosters and the Rhomans and the zoo and aaaaaall sorts of other things are completely trashed.

Sure, the 161 photos from Monday and Tuesday are fine (and some go so far as to kick ass), but that’s small consolation right now. I’m steamed.

Fair warning: the first person to comment saying, “You should have just bought a new card” gets their head verbally ripped off, then sent to Quantico, VA to tilt the windmill of locating a store that sells SD cards.