Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 18 Sep 2007

What do you mean I don’t have anything planned for the weekend? I have a Dick Dale concert planned for Friday, don’t I? OK, so it’s a show that I can walk to. I don’t have to drive an hour and spend a fortune to park. Since Friday is a work day it doesn’t even really qualify as “weekend.” So, you’re right, the concert doesn’t really count as weekend plans and I do have a free weekend. Kooky.

Aside from that show the schedule contains a whooooole lot of nuthin’. I just checked my calendar and the last time this happened was the weekend of July 7-8. No wonder I’ve been feeling drained lately. All those weeks of driving and flying all over the place without a break? Criminy…

This weekend I am the epitome of homebody. I’m going to sleep in, walk to the gym, start another batch of beer (West Coast Ale this time…mmm, hops) and excavate my apartment. Maybe I’ll even wash the carpets. Yeah, I’m a wild child. I might even go so far as to try to avoid getting into my car all weekend. Hmm…an interesting idea…

If anyone wants to see me this weekend you’re welcome to drop on by but I hereby declare that I ain’t coming to you. If you arrive bearing food and wine you’ll be even more welcome. Just call first. 🙂