Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 25 Sep 2007

Mom's Sock Finally! Mom has received her very belated birthday gift and I can post about it.

Back in February when I flew out to MI to help Guy and Megan move I started making a pair of socks for Mom for her birthday (which is in March). I finally finished them in August. They were finally shipped out to her this past Saturday. Last night she finally got to open her gift and thought that they were pretty darn keen. Of course, as a mom it’s her job to say she likes the things that her kids make for her but I’m pretty sure she actually means it.

Considering that they’re my first foray into sock-making I think I agree with her. Sure, they have some flaws. But overall they turned out pretty well. And, shockingly, they even fit her.

The yarn used is a single hank of fingering weight 100% superwash merino from Cherry Tree Hill{.broken_link} yarn company (color “loden”). The pattern is the Beginner’s Lightweight Socks{.broken_link} from Knitting Pure & Simple. These socks were made using five size two double-pointed needles.

For those who are intimidated by socks: get over it. Before these I’d only made one other thing (a wrap), and that was with big chunky yarn on big chunky needles. So if I can knit socks then anyone can. Give it a try.

Photo courtesy of Guy