Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 01 Oct 2007

I’ve reached the next hurdle in my preparations for the Cena Romana: the seasonings. In my review of the recipes it seems that regardless of the menu I select there will be some dish (if not many) which require at least one of the following spices:

Sure, there are other ingredients like passum and must which will give me a little trouble but living in wine country these aren’t really much of a problem. No, it’s those damn herbs which will require some real work.

A quick search of the interwebs isn’t turning up what I need, so I’ve written the very helpful and knowledgeable folks at The Spice House to see whether they can lend a hand to my cause, if only to point me in the correct direction.

At last resort, yes, I can use substitutes for these herbs. But considering the trouble I went through to get my hands on actual garum it seems a shame not to at least put some honest effort into gaining some legitimate herbs as well.

Anyway, we’ll see what comes of my inquiries.