Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 20 Oct 2007

The house hunt is over. And not for the reason you think.

I haven’t located the avatar of all houses. I haven’t even located something which is merely adequate.

No, the house hunt is off because Guy can do math, is willing to do so (where I, it seems, am not), and more importantly is willing to nag me repeatedly with lines like, “Can you live on $300 a month? Can you?”

It took me two days before I begrudgingly admitted that he might have a point. It took me another week to tell my very energetic agent that I was putting the search on hold.

However, one search closes and another opens.

I spent today racing all over the East Bay viewing apartments. Eight were viewed, two more were called upon but not seen. Almost all of them were disqualified for one reason or another (one for having an electric stove, but the fact that its rent was stratospheric helped a lot). Note: I said “almost.” There’s this one…the second floor of this lovely Edwardian on the Emeryville/Oakland border…so cute…so large…so cheap… Both floors of the house were up for rent and only two parties showed up. They preferred the ground floor, I the upper, and thus potential neighbors started out on a very good foot indeed.

As locations are concerned it’s far from ideal, but the space is great and the price is right enough to allow me to save up for that avatar of all houses. Anyway, we’ll see whether this one works out.