Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 21 Oct 2007

Salad with Favas and Pickled Turnips
Those neon pink things in the salad above? Yeah, those are the pickled turnips. They’re really great to look at, but how do they taste? Meh, they’re OK. A bit too much salt and not enough vinegar, but they’ll do. That fabulous shade of pink continues straight through the turnip, by the way. It’s pretty cool and seems like food from some alien world. Sweet…

Overall the salad wasn’t a mind-blower. Like many people I’ve known, the salad was good to look at but lacked substance. The favas came from a can and tasted like it. I’ve started them marinating in lemon juice, olive oil and za’atar to try to liven them up a bit. The croutons came from a box and, again, tasted like it. I try to keep homemade ones on hand lately but I’ve been remiss in that and had to settle for the boxed sort. Alas, the travails one must endure to have a nice bit of lunch.