Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 28 Oct 2007

My current landlord called. Seems they already posted the place but didn’t bother to ask me about my schedule.

“So, we have four people who really want to see the place. Could you show it for us?”

Um, excuse me? No, no I can’t. Aside from the fact that the place is a bloody wreck right now since it’s being packed, there’s the slight problem of me having a DAY JOB. You know, the thing that’s been letting me pay my rent on time for the past 2.5 years? Yeah, that thing. Bloody inconvenient for you, I realize.

Grr. I told him I’d try to work something out so I could work from home some day/afternoon this week. It’ll likely require me to reschedule a few meetings and will definitely annoy the hell out of me to have to do so. It’ll also require me to get some stuff cleaned up (vacuum up the hairballs, clean the litter boxes, make the bed) so the place is reasonably presentable.

Yes, they have the right to show the place and rent it out again. But they ought to start showing it after I leave so as to minimize the impact on either of us.

I reiterate: Grr.