Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 15 Jan 2008

I hosted a party at my place on New Year’s Day. During the party a friend notified me that the carpet in the office was wet and advised that I may wish to look to my feline’s excretory habits. I knew Moira was innocent but I also knew that wet or not there was nothing I could do about it while I had a house full of guests. Thus it went ignored until much later after they had left.

It turns out that one of the water supply pipes for the upstairs apartment wasn’t sealed well and had been spurting for godonlyknows how long. It had saturated the wall, causing serious water damage. Half of the carpet in the office was a soggy mess and the entire place started taking on the smell of wet dog. This hadn’t been noticed earlier because that wall was covered by a bookshelf. A bookshelf which had to be unloaded, the contents moved to piles scattered around my dining room. Thankfully no books were damaged. That really would have been a tragedy. Instead, this became an inconvenience.

The landlord and his handyman were out here ASAP. A hole was cut in the bathroom wall so they could access the leak. It was fixed in short order, but everything needed to dry out before they could be patched up and painted. Unfortunately we hit a nice long patch of rain so even with an industrial-strength dehumidifier things just didn’t dry out very quickly.

Today, after two weeks of waiting, my walls are finally fixed! Painted and patched and ready to be buried under bookshelves once more. Hurrah!

The saddest part of all this (to me) is that my place was almost entirely unpacked prior to my party. The only room remaining was the office and the rest of it looked pretty darn good. I got to enjoy that for about 24 hours before this leak thing threw my flat into disarray. Maybe now things can return back to their normal tidy, uncluttered state…once I find the time to move everything back into the office.