Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 28 Feb 2008

ZOMG. I haven’t even lived the next week yet and I’m already tired…

  • Friday (tomorrow): Tiki night at
    Forbidden Island
    with friends
  • Saturday: Pickin’ up pig{.broken_link}, then down south with the Albertellis
  • Sunday: Alameda Antique Flea Market in the AM, BBQ with friends in the PM
  • Monday: Dinner at Wood Tavern with a friend and ex-coworker
  • Tuesday: Spinning Class
  • Wednedsay: Cocktails and Dinner at Fonda with a (different) friend and ex-coworker
  • Thursday: concert in SF with the Albertellis
  • Friday: Gallery Hopping with the gals from Painted Tongue Press

This, you see, is the very pleasant but very busy side-effect of moving back to the East Bay. Hoo, buddy. I won’t be complaining as I’m the one who made the plans but I’ll tell ya right now that I’m looking forward to sleeping in the morning after the gallery hop.