Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 29 May 2008

Comcast is currently experiencing technical difficulties with their email. It looks like their MX servers are accepting the messages rather than bouncing them back immediately. Then those servers fail to deliver the messages to the final destination and end up—eventually—bouncing the message back to the sender.

So if you’ve sent me mail since last night and have not yet received a response or, worse yet, had your message bounced back to you please hang in there and I’ll hopefully see it after Comcast clears up whatever issue they’re having.

Alternatively those of you who know my gmail address can send things there. I won’t see them as quickly but they’ll get through reliably.

UPDATE: I’ve changed some setup so now all messages will automagically be sent to my gmail account for now. My standard email address will work once again.

UPDATE #2: And this story{.broken_link} explains what happened. Comcast == haX0red