Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 14 Jun 2008

Semolina Cake

A friend wrote saying she has a spare ticket to the California Shakespeare Festival’s production of Pericles{.broken_link} tonight and asking whether I’d like to have the now-empty seat? There would, of course, be dinner at a decent restaurant beforehand but when we get to the show be prepared to sit on the ground and potentially get cold when the sun goes down. Oh, and we can bring food and wine into the theatre if we want.

Yes, I want. Ticket, show, food, wine. Sounds like a brilliant evening to me and I’d be a fool to say no. Furthermore, since the ticket comes at no cost to me I feel obligated to thank my hostesses by bringing dessert, as pictured above. It’s an orange-scented semolina cake, made with extra virgin olive oil, embedded with dried fruits macerated in brandy and Grand Marnier and topped with a honey, brandy, orange blossom water glaze.

It sounds a lot more impressive than it actually is, but I have to admit that from what I’ve tasted so far it should do a good job offsetting the price of the ticket. Along with it I’ll be serving fresh Frog Hollow apricots and a nice 2006 Le Vol Des Anges from Bonny Doon{.broken_link}.

My friend should be here soon to pick me up, so I’m off to get changed into more appropriate togs.