Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 26 Jun 2008

As I type this I’m sitting in a cafe, drinking a decaf americano and attempting to pound out some projects for work. From the fact that I’m posting on my blog you can figure out for yourself how effective this is right now.

While pondering how to phrase something in the doc I’m writing I looked up from the screen and stared into space for a moment. When my eyes finally focused on my surroundings I noticed that, with the exception of the barrista (who’s knitting when not pulling shots) every single person within my view has a laptop in front of them. There are three Macbooks, two Dells, a Toshiba (me), one subcompact (cute little thing) and a convertible tablet with a swiveling screen.

We are all here in this public space and none of us are interacting in any way with the humans directly around us. Most of us have reduced our chances of doing so by increasing our public solitude using headphones. It’s a curious little slice of society, the mid-day cafe crowd. We come for the coffee and stay for the free wireless.