Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 02 Jul 2008

I had a trying day at the office today. No details forthcoming, just believe me that it wasn’t the easiest day on record.

However I didn’t realize that before I arrived home. I knew I felt a bit off but I didn’t grok the depth of that offness. Once I arrived at home I bounced around frenetically trying (and failing) to find what I didn’t recognize at that moment I was seeking: distraction from life. After bouncing around the apartment for a while I thought to try calling MEF.

“What you up to tonight?”
“Comic shop then killing time until guy’s night later. Wassup?”
“I’m gonna meet you at the comic shop and hang out for a while. Is that cool?”
“Totally. See you there.”

We shopped (I even bought something) then went down the street for a pint and a bite.

We didn’t even talk about my day very much but by the time we parted I felt so much better. Just having someone there with whom I could unwind and be myself was more than enough relief from the day’s events.

This is yet another reason why moving back to the East Bay was a very good thing indeed. When I was up north and had a long day I’d have to rely on there being someone at the other end of a phone line. Here? I can see people in person and it makes a world of difference.

MEF? You rock. Thanks for being there.
Everyone else? Thanks for reading my self-indulgent little post.