Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 01 Oct 2008

I arrived home today, dragging my tired self up the front porch steps. Fumbling for my keys my gaze fell on the porch wall.


Yes, they had stolen another pot of herbs. This time they absconded with the espazote. Why espazote? It’s not like it’s the most common or desirable herb. And it was a baby! It was just starting to grow back after suffering some pretty shameful neglect. What the hell?

I’m fed up. This is crap. I mean, herbs? Screw that. All of my herbs have been moved to the back porch railing. The only thing which remains in the front is a very large potted jade plant and the only reason I haven’t moved that is that I’m not sure where to place it in back yet.

Grrr. Rotten bastards, stealing my herbs. Grrr, I tell you!