Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 12 Oct 2008

This evening I finally got around to hanging some stuff on the living room wall. During that process a piece of hardware fell behind the couch. While I was retrieving it I discovered that Moira has once again decided that the only time she’ll go to the living room is when my back is turned and the only reason is to use it as her litter box. Needless to say, I was not amused.

Whatever. I cleaned it up and got over it (mostly). She and I spent some quality time together this evening, watching an episode of Buffy before getting ready for bed. Episode ends, I go to the bathroom and remove my contacts.

In the time it takes me to do that Moira manages to shuffle her arthritic self into the living room and leave a little present there. I caught her in the act and someone got a good swat then ran off to hide under the chair in the bedroom.

This isn’t working for me. I can’t keep renting carpet cleaners because she gets in a snit or something and feels like acting out.

Instead she’s getting grounded. No straying beyond the back half of the house where her food, water, bed and real litter box reside. I don’t care how much someone wants to come out and lie on her favorite patch of carpet in the dining room. Ain’t gonna happen. She can’t be trusted anymore.

Step one: Acquire and install a feline containment apparatus. I’ve already asked a friend whether I can borrow the baby gate that he used when he had to keep his cat contained to a part of the house. Placed in the dining room doorway it should do the trick nicely.

Step two: Finish cleaning up the bedroom in case someone decides that it’s a suitable replacement for the living room.

Step three: Rent a carpet cleaner. Again.