Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 17 Oct 2008

Sock Woes

Have a look at the two socks above. The sock on the left is, obviously, complete. The one on the right is a work in progress but that progress is significant.

Now look closer. Do you see a difference there? Maybe not, considering the resolution on the pic. Plus non-knitters might not notice immediately anyway.

The difference is that the sock on the left has ribs running down the top of the foot while the sock on the right does not.

Oh, bother.

I get little enough time to knit and now I get to use a large chunk of that precious time pulling out a few dozen rows on the second sock and picking up where the ribbing stopped at the ankle.

__And I was really looking forward to finishing these things, too. They’re going to be the first pair of socks that I’ve made just for me. They fit and everything.

Pardon me as I pout now.