Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 24 Oct 2008

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve overcome the sock woes from a week ago to complete the first pair of socks that I’ve made for me. It required that I take a week off (read: work a mere 40 hrs in the week) and that I do one final extended burn this evening, fueled by Dr. Who and Firefly, but it’s all worked out OK in the end.

The technical details, for those who are into that sort of thing:

  • I used almost two balls of Regia Silk Colors{.broken_link}. It’s 20% silk, 55% Merino and 25% polyamide. There are approximately 200m per 50g ball
  • Needles were Size 2 (American)
  • Pattern was a modified Beginner Lightweight Sock{.broken_link}. The modification was nothing more complicated than the ribbing but I also made the top part shorter than the pattern called for to be sure I’d have enough yarn.
  • The pattern theoretically has a women’s and men’s version. I only wear a size 9 but still the women’s version was too small for my foot. The men’s version was A-OK (though it would not fit any man I know).

I’m wearing the socks right now and so far am very pleased. They’re fairly warm, but despite that and the fact that the temperature when I leave the office still regularly exceeds 80° I’ll be wearing them to work next week. My black Dansko clogs{.broken_link} will be perfect for showing them off.

Yes, I’m sitting here on a Friday night scheming to show off my socks. No, that’s not pathetic. In fact it’s pretty darn cool. I don’t mind saying that I’m very proud of my hosiery accomplishment, thankyouverymuch.

Next quest: to knit a sweater which is decent enough to wear in public.