Archived in 2022

Originally posted on 01 Feb 2009

Please welcome the Croc Socks into the world!

The Croc Socks are made of two balls of Knit Picks Essentials{.broken_link} in color Turtle Multi. They’re made on KnitPicks 3.25mm nickel-plated DPNs{.broken_link}. The pattern is KnitPicks Moc Croc Socks. Yeah, it’s a trifecta: yarn, needles and pattern all from KnitPicks. What can I say? You go with what works.

Anyway, yay socks! I started them on Jan. 16th and completed them today. This is a personal best for sock completion time.

As socks go I’m very pleased with them. They fit (always a bonus). They feel good on my feet. They have this cool green-tiger-stripe thing going on. Yeah, I’m a fan.

This pattern was my first true foray into lace knitting (see the holes? Yeah, that counts as lace) and it went pretty well. My next project may be more challenging: Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts. These will be my first experience doing color work. To quote any number of hubristic fools, “How hard could it be?”

Anyway, for those who were wondering, YES, I did make a trip to DC for the Inauguration (how else could I have made such great progress on these socks?) and YES I have photos to post to Flickr and YES I’ll get around to it someday soon, honest. Just hold your horses. Patience is a virtue, I hear tell.